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Convene CMP Series: September 2018 (cmpseries9.18)

Article: This Is Your Brain on Events

Objective: The attendee experience is not just one thing, it’s many. It’s how people think about an event before they arrive on site, how they experience the event while it’s happening, and how they remember it afterwards — all shaped by unconscious influencers. This, says behavioral scientist Charlotte Blank, represents a ‘whole new world of opportunity’ for event design.

EIC Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

Clock Hour(s): 1.0 EIC Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

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  • CMP Series: September 2018 Quiz
  • Required Reading
  • This Is Your Brain on Events
  • Are Rituals Performance Enhancing Drugs?
  • The Eight Phases of a Successful Event
  • Know Your Nuggets: Peak End Rule
  • Dan Ariely on the Ethics of Applying Behavioral Science
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