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Convene CMP Series: December 2019 (cmpseries12.19)

Article: Driven to Indistraction

Objective: As workers in the knowledge economy, you’re valued for your creative problem-solving abilities and the innovative ideas that come from focusing deeply on tasks and challenges. But with so many things — mostly digital, some environmental — competing for your attention and taking you off course, how is that even possible? Put your phone aside, set your laptop to sleep mode, and let’s concentrate on solutions.

EIC Domain: Domain A: Strategic Planning

Clock Hour(s): 1.0 EIC Domain: Domain A: Strategic Planning

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  • CMP Series: December 2019 Quiz
  • Required Reading
  • Becoming Indistractable: How to Stay Focused in Your Job and Life
  • How Event Professionals Stay Focused on the Job
  • Sound Barriers: Keeping Focus in a Noisy Open Office
  • Why Email is so Exhausting — and What You Can Do About It
  • Podcast: Cal Newport on doing deep work
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