Module 1: Digital Events (BEBMod1)
Business Events Bootcamp
Module 1: Digital Events (BEBMod1)
The Digital Events module is designed for learners to explore what it takes to develop and produce successful digital events. This module explores a variety of formats and production strategies for digital events ranging from webinars to hybrid...
Module 2: Generating Revenue from Events (BEBMod2)
Business Events Bootcamp
Module 2: Generating Revenue from Events (BEBMod2)
Outside of attendee registration and exhibit booth sales, business events have the potential to generate additional revenues through sponsorships and partnerships. Is your event capturing as much revenue as it can? What opportunities are you...
Module 3: Concepts in Event Design (BEBMod3)
Business Events Bootcamp
Module 3: Concepts in Event Design (BEBMod3)
Events require a targeted and thoughtful strategy; strategies that are more than just planned but are designed. In this Concepts in Event Design module, you will cover the top considerations in event design from designing schedules and delivering...
Module 4: Event Marketing (BEBMod4)
Business Events Bootcamp
Module 4: Event Marketing (BEBMod4)
Whether you are planning a face-to-face or digital event, marketing is key to driving participation and engagement, increasing revenue, and promoting the brand. By identifying the components of a marketing plan and the steps needed to execute a...
Module 5: Risk and Crisis Management  (BEBMod5)
Business Events Bootcamp
Module 5: Risk and Crisis Management  (BEBMod5)
As event organizers, you are responsible for business objectives that require you to understand all risks that may disrupt an event. Risk and crisis management goes beyond safety and security, and today’s business event organizer must...
Convene CMP Series: January 2015 (cmpseries1.15)
Convene - CMP Series Quizzes
Convene CMP Series: January 2015 (cmpseries1.15)
Article: How Regulatory Changes in Europe Are Affecting Medical Meetings Objective: Like PhRMA and AdvaMed before it, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations has adopted stricter reporting requirements for...
Convene CMP Series: January 2017 (cmpseries1.17)
Convene - CMP Series Quizzes
Convene CMP Series: January 2017 (cmpseries1.17)
Article: Meet the Future Objective: New York City’s Future of StoryTelling Summit explores how cutting-edge technology puts audiences at the center of the action. And asks the question: Isn't that where meeting participants belong,...
Convene CMP Series: January 2018 (cmpseries1.18)
Convene - CMP Series Quizzes
Convene CMP Series: January 2018 (cmpseries1.18)
Article: The Future Will See You Now Objective: The convergence of health care and technology is reaching an inflection point at a time when other pressures are putting the squeeze on medical meetings. How can they stay relevant in a shifting...
Convene CMP Series: January 2019 (cmpseries1.19)
Convene - CMP Series Quizzes
Convene CMP Series: January 2019 (cmpseries1.19)
Article: Leading From Within We’ve long thought that the only way to lead others — whether you’re the CEO of an organization or managing a small team — is top-down. But as organizations struggle to navigate a rapidly shifting economy...
Convene CMP Series: January 2020 (cmpseries1.20)
Convene - CMP Series Quizzes
Convene CMP Series: January 2020 (cmpseries1.20)
Article: Brand-New Experience Building an authentic brand identity is a complicated process for destinations. Here’s how CVBs have tackled that — and how organizers have meaningfully hitched their events’ theming to those brands.