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Convene CMP Series: April 2019 (cmpseries4.19)

Article: Property Wide

From escalating F&B and AV costs, to room-block angst, to the difficulties of negotiating in a consolidated market, working with hotels has become increasingly challenging for event organizers. We know this because you told us. If you’re looking for some insights to help make things easier for you, you’ve checked in to the right place.

Clock Hour(s): 1.0 EIC Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

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  • CMP Series: April 2019 Quiz
  • Required Reading
  • Advice for Event Strategists Who Work with Hotels
  • How Event Strategists Keep F&B, AV Costs Down
  • Strategies to Improve Negotiations in Era of Hotel Consolidations
  • Hospitality Industry Responds to Labor Shortage
  • Why Attendees Aren’t Booking in the Block
  • Soul, Community, Planet — and a Different Kind of Pricing
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